About Paul Kobyluch, Craftsman Salem, NY Cabinetry and Woodworking

Carpenters are construction workers. A construction site requires many different kinds of craftspeople and technicians: masons, electricians, plumbers, etc. However, carpentry is one of the oldest construction professions as wood was one of the first building materials. Carpenters know an amazing amount of techniques for woodworking and construction. In fact there are many different kinds of carpenters:
  • Space planning
  • Electrical planning and layouts
  • Lighting planning and layouts
  • Floor planning and layouts
  • Ceiling detail layouts
Paul Kobyluch, Craftman in Salem, NY. With such an extensive amount of expertise I can create almost anything you can think of if it involves wood and other materials. We have recently expanded our line to include the creation of waterproof exterior cabinets for your patio or pool area!

Kitchen Cabinets

Paul Kobyluch, Craftsman will hand design and craft your dream kitchen. Using contemporary or traditional design you will have a beautiful, unique kitchen that all your friends in the Albany area will admire!

Entertainment Centers

From a simple TV stand to a full on Movie Center anything can be created to provide a one of a kind home enterainment experience!

Librarys and Cofered Ceilings

Create a stunning Library to not only show case your book collection but to create an atmosphere of style and elegance. Paul Kobyluch, Craftman can provide ideas for a design or develop whatever vision you have.

Wine Cellars

Keep your collectable and drink now wine in an environment that will not only keep your wine tasty but will look amazing and makes your friends not only envy your wine collection but the storage it is kept in.

Custom Furniture

From chairs, coffee tables, office desks, anything one would think of as furntiure can be created for indoor or outdoor use - Residential or Commerical!

Custom Doors and Windows

What better way to invite someone into your home or business than to have a truly uniqure doors hand crafted by Paul Kobyluch, Craftman in Manchester, Vt and the surrounds. If you are looking to have a door installed in your residence or place of work then Saratoga cabinetmaker, Paul Kobyluch can get the job done, quickly and efficiently. Installing a door can be tricky business if the project deals with a loadbearing wall, so it pays to rely on a professional. Paul Kobyluch, Craftsman works with our customers to make sure that the door and its hardware meld into the surroundings perfectly. We will take you through all the possible looks and styles so get exactly what you’re looking for.

Trim Carpentry

Trim carpenters do ornamental woodwork. They create and install trim or molding for doors, windows, mantels, baseboards, and so on. Many carpentry companies don’t have an actual trim carpenter, that is, they have people who are good at installing trim but do not have the expertise to work wood into ornate trim or molding. Paul Kobyluch, Craftsman of the Albany area can create designs from scratch. However, as fellow New England community member I understand that everyone has a different budget for their projects. If it is preferable for our customer’s budget we have pre-fabricated trim which we can install. If our customers are looking for an original look that they cannot find anywhere else we can create trim to fit the theme you wish the room to have.